Mulard ducks


Mulard ducks are a sterile hybrid arising from a cross between a male Muscovy duck and a female Peking duck. This particular cross engenders a hardy duckling that develops fast. It also has the capacity to produce a particularly tasty meat. It is raised and fattened to produce magrets and thighs destined to confit.

Mulard ducks


Our Mulard comes from the Orvia stock, a world leader in web-footed birds genetics (80% of fattened ducks come from Orvia stock). We hold the exclusive rights to the stock in North America. More specifically, we raise the Stimul MG AS, a duckling with a very high conversion ratio. It grows very rapidly and is particularly liked for the quality of its magrets (high absorption rate).

Canard ducks


We raise our ducks in open enclosures in high respect of the animal. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) visits our farm every month and certifies the health and well-being of our ducks. We use no antibiotics, nor hormones. All our females are imported from France each year and are artificially inseminated over the course of the year. We produce around 1 000 000 Mulard ducklings every year.